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Christian apologetic materials for
teaching about Freemasonry

  • Presentation materials - Sample
  • Source documents
  • Speaker's notes
  • Audience handouts

We are able to provide quality educational materials for church leaders who want to teach on the subject of Freemasonry.  Freemasonry is a false religion which has greater impact on the American church than any other cult.  Many churches are literally controlled by Masons.   While Freemasonry is present in a congregation, that congregation cannot be spiritually healthy.  This is all the more true when Masons are in leadership or teaching positions.

We have a substantial library of authentic Masonic documents produced by the authorities of Freemasonry, the Grand Lodges.  We make many of those documents, including Masonic Monitors, available on CDROM.  Because monitors are published and distributed at the direction of  the Grand Lodges, it is impossible for a Mason to discredit the contents as authoritatively representing Masonic teachings.

A source of excellent presentation materials

Since 1993, Ephesians 5:11, Inc. has coordinated the Ministry to Masons Conferences.  Quite a number of former Masons, seminarians, pastors and counter-cult teachers have participated in these conferences.  We have developed an excellent library of video taped messages on various aspects of Freemasonry.  We have many more which are not listed in our on-line catalog.

Many of the messages delivered at the Ministry to Masons Conferences utilize PowerPoint presentations.  Because the truth about Freemasonry is so heretical, some people initially have difficulty believing that Masonry is as evil and anti-Christian as it is.  For that reason, a great many of our speakers have included photographs of the source materials they are quoting in their PowerPoint presentations.  When they speak at the conference or in a church using these materials, they project the PowerPoint slides on a large screen.  The pages from the Masonic Monitors and other documents can be projected large enough for all to see.  Many times, the projected page is 5 feet or more high and people from the back of the sanctuary are able to read the text in the Masonic documents with their own eyes.

The purpose of including the source documents is to establish and maintain credibility.  If a speaker says only what he can prove and shows the source document for every quote he uses, Masons and others who defend the Masonic Lodge are not in a position to effectively call what a speaker says into question.  When the members of a congregation have seen the Grand Lodge documents with their own eyes, it is impossible for Masons to convince them that the pastor, teacher, or other speaker does not know what he is talking about.  When Masons attempt to defend the Lodge within the church, educated church members know that any defense of the Lodge must come at the expense of the Gospel and orthodoxy.

Our presentation materials place the source documents on the right side of the frame, full length from top to bottom.  That leaves room on the left side for the quoted portion to be typed using larger text which the speaker and audience may easily and quickly read.  If a question of context is to be discussed, the quote can be read in context in the source document.  Because it is virtually impossible to "take something out of context" when the context is supplied,  Masons won't be able to effectively claim that Masonic materials are being used out of context; they would appear foolish.  A sample of these presentation materials is provided on-line so that you can see why they have such an impact on audiences.  The samples are contained in a PDF file.  You will need the Adobe Reader to view them.  Of course, these PDF files do not have the resolution of a 35 mm color slide (2742 x 4096 pixels). The actual slides are quite impressive.  

Why do we use slides rather than the newer technology, the LCD projector?  LCD projectors have substantially less resolution, often by a factor of ten to one.  We want the audience to be able to read the source documents from the back of the room.  Another factor is cost.  An LCD projector costs several thousand dollars.  Replacement bulbs are five hundred dollars and more!  Slide projectors are commonly available in churches, or can often be borrowed. A sample 35mm slide will be made available to you if appropriate.

We have had many requests for copies of our conference presentations.  Quite a lot of effort has gone into the research which is presented.  A number of the presentations could be effectively delivered in the church by a local teacher, provided they had the materials and a good set of speaker's notes.  Although we have been very selective in the past in providing our materials to others, we have produced presentation materials to pastors for several years.  They have found them to be among the most well researched and best documented materials they have seen.  Additionally,  we have provided elders and deacons with presentation materials for specific purposes.  On occasion, we have produced highly customized versions of our presentations to meet a specific need.

We intend to continue to be selective in the distribution of our 35mm color presentation materials, but we feel compelled to share several of these presentations with qualified teachers and other leaders.  If you are a pastor, teacher, or other church leader who needs to speak on Freemasonry we would like to assist you with research and methods, if not with our presentation materials.  Certainly, we are not holding back knowledge of the facts concerning Freemasonry; this web site exposes it very well and the Grand Lodge Monitors are available on CDROM.  The issue is one of  limited resources.  Time is in short supply, there is much to do and all labor is done by volunteers.  It is important to include content and source documents from your state Grand Lodge in the presentation materials if you are to be most effective.  We have the documents for most states and can add the critical evidence to a presentation which you would deliver.

It is vital to use the proper documents and methods when addressing Freemasonry in the church.    You should make effective use of Scripture to establish Truth.  You should speak to Masons about things they have seen and heard.  The foundational teachings of the Blue Lodge should be your focus.  All Mason are members of a Blue Lodge.  By concentrating on the teachings contained in the first three degrees of Freemasonry, the Blue Lodge degrees, you will be able to speak to all Masons.   If you focus on the Scottish Rite, York Rite, or Shrine, you will only speak to what some Masons have seen and heard.  There are many areas which you would do well to avoid - because the average Mason is not aware of that particular issue.  The Luciferian connection is a prime example.  Masons have never heard the name Lucifer in Lodge. Yet, there is a Luciferian connection and we can tie it back to the Grand Lodges.  Masons are often looking for ways to discredit you, even if only in their own minds.  They are extremely defensive by nature and once they believe they have discredited you, they can "justifiably" stop listening.  Due to their defensive nature you have only a little time during which they are able to remain rational and effectively listen.  If you speak to the proper issues and you maintain credibility, you will be able to cause a sharp contrast between Freemasonry and Christianity to form in the minds of any Masons present who are subject to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Our materials will put you in good stead to well address the issue of Freemasonry within Christ's Church.  If you feel that you would like to consider our materials, please contact us by email and  provide a phone number where you may be reached during evenings or on weekends.  We will begin a dialog to determine your need, desires and our potential to serve.  If you do not need to retain the presentation materials after you conduct the teaching, we can spread the cost of the materials across multiple users.  Audio tapes of pastors and teachers using our materials are available as is appropriate.

Educating members of the church destroys Masonic secrecy.  For Freemasons to work effectively in the church recruiting new members and gaining positions of control within the church, secrecy is vital.   Secrecy is absolutely the greatest weapon in the Masonic arsenal.  If they can keep the Christian members of the church from knowing the truth about Freemasonry, they will usually be able to posture themselves as Christians.  Once a Christian has seen Masonic documents which teach a false plan of salvation, or other gross heresy, they look at "Christian" Masons a different way. 

Christian education is the key.

It is easier to keep a man out of the lodge than it is to get him out. 

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