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Adobe Systems has developed a Portable Document Format (PDF) which allows the end user to print high quality documents locally using a laser or ink-jet printer. The papers listed below can be printed on your laser or ink-jet printer using the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Make as many copies as you need. If you wish, the Adobe Reader and your web browser will allow you to store the .pdf file on your computer so that you may print more copies later without reconnecting to the Internet. To save a file for later off-line use, select the save file option on your browser while you are viewing the document online using the Adobe Reader.

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Visit Adobe Systems: for a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. You do not have to purchase anything to be able to print high quality PDF documents on your laser or ink-jet printer.

The Adobe Acrobat Reader is FREE.

We recommend that you store these files on your computer so that you will be able to print them as needed  (without downloading each time), simply press the SHIFT key as you click on the hypertext link with your left mouse button.  Then, select where you want to store the file.

The essays are copyrighted. Publication of these PDF files on another web site is a violation of Federal Copyright law.  We grant permission to print physical copies of the essays from the PDF files so that you may GIVE the printed copies to others.

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Essays formatted for American letter size paper

Source documents for Open Letter

Source documents for Myth

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If you would especially like to have one of our other tracts in the PDF format, please request that we convert it to PDF and we will attempt to upload it as soon as possible. Send EMAIL.