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A Pastor takes a stand

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Someone with knowledge approaches leadership

Larry is a former occultist. He was a member of a "Fraternal Order" which had a plan of salvation and worshiped false gods. When he became a Christian, he encountered Freemasonry in the church. Immediately, he knew that there must be complete separation between the church and the lodge. There could be no compromise. He went to the leadership in the congregation. Leadership did nothing. For six months he prayed, collected and distributed material to any Christian in the congregation who would accept it. He had some silent allies, but no one would take a public stand. After much prayer, he felt compelled to leave the congregation. However, he continued to pray for the pastor , the congregation and the Masons daily. About six months after leaving the church, he called the pastor and had a conversation with him in his home. The pastor offered to allow Larry to write a position paper on Freemasonry. However, the pastor felt that there were many other issues which must be dealt with simultaneously. The pastor wanted to put together position papers on a lot of issues and he thought they would be ready to move on all of the issues at once, in about two years. Larry prayed about the situation, prepared the position paper with supporting documentation and wrote a letter to the pastor. After receiving the material and letter, the pastor was convicted that he had to make a move.

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The Pastor takes the Lead

The pastor first made certain that no Masons were in leadership. He felt that leadership had to be clean or purged, if they were to take an stand on the issue. After all of those in leadership were properly prepared, they sent a letter to the congregation which effectively tipped their hand that they were going to deal with Freemasonry. The letter was a gentle encouragement that Christians should not participate in secret societies, especially those where an oath was involved. Later, he came to realize that he should have dealt with the subject directly and decisively, from the beginning. They knew the position they were going to take prior to sending the congregational letter. However, they had not revealed it. The pastor and leadership took the position that no Mason could be in leadership, or could be in a teaching position. Further, the pastor decided that he would not baptize any Mason who would not repent (Acts 2:38) and that the congregation would not accept any new members who were Masons.

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Masons rally

By tipping their hand, church leadership gave the Masons in the congregation time to rally. Somehow, the Masons ended up with copies of the minutes from the elders meetings. It turned out that one of the Masons had keys to the church. They learned exactly what was in the works. They sent SEVEN congregational letters urging the congregation not to consider the Masonic issue. "Let's get back to loving each other," they wrote in one. Leadership explained the position they had decided to take to the congregation. The Masons in the congregation read the bylaws and demanded a vote on the issue. They were legally entitled to it. However, the church is not a democracy; spiritual issues are not decided by a vote.

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The congregation votes

The pastor contacted a ministry which deals with occult issues in search of a speaker who was an expert. Several speakers were recommended and a copy of the Masonic monitor for the state the church is in was provided. Before the congregational vote took place, a pastor who had been a Mason was brought in as the guest speaker. Leadership stood together and informed the congregation that if the vote went against them, they would immediately resign en masse. The vote was approximately 170 to 100 against Freemasonry. Even with substantial evidence, many of the non-Masons in the church voted against the leadership and for Freemasonry. The pastor stated that this was the stiffest opposition he had ever faced. Most of those who voted against the leadership proposal were friends of Masons or they had relatives who were Masons. As a result of the stance, all but a few Masons left the congregation. One renounced before the vote after discussing Masonic ritual with the pastor. One died of cancer. The church membership dropped by 50 to 100 members.

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This is a spiritual battle

Within a year, the pastor was out of the pulpit. He was indited and convicted of child molestation. His children were not involved. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to prison. He has confessed, repented and served his time. His wife stood by him. The family is intact. He is back in church, supporting a Godly pastor.

Satan loves Freemasonry. This is a spiritual battle. If you mess with Freemasonry, Satan will notice. He will attempt to exploit any weakness you have. Unless you put on the whole armour of God, you may not be able to stand.

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