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Rosicrucianism Compared with Freemasonry 

Larry Kunk - a former Rosicrucian

Scripture was used to document the teachings of Satan and how the spirit of Anti-Christ is recognized. Teachings contained in Rosicrucian Monographs were examined. The spirit of Anti-Christ is easily recognizable. A group of Rosicrucian symbols were documented. At that point, the presentation was turned "inside out." Those same symbols are well known symbols of Freemasonry. The teachings of Freemasonry were considered. When the details of the Masonic plan of salvation are examined, the Rosicrucian character is apparent. Once queued past the title, there is no mention of Freemasonry until half way through the presentation. It should be quite interesting to a Freemason. It should ring a lot of bells before he realizes that the teachings of Freemasonry are to be examined. Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry are incredibly similar.  (LK-ROSI)

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